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ECG (Prophet Bushiri Church )Over Flow Tent was set on fire…Please Who is responsible?

This is to inform the general public that last night some people attempted to burn down our two main tents which we use as our overflows at Pretoria Showgrounds. We thank God that we quickly came in with our fire extinguishers and that the Fire Department acted in time. We believe the police and allContinue reading “ECG (Prophet Bushiri Church )Over Flow Tent was set on fire…Please Who is responsible?”

Leadership style

Transactional leadership is focused on staff‟s basic andexternal demand, the relationship between leaders andsubordinates is based on the contract. They tend to attainorganizational goal by pacific job roles and mission design,their basic purpose is to maintain a stable organization.Podsakoff et al32 said that leadership behavior can affecttrust and satisfaction of employees to organization andorganizational citizenshipContinue reading “Leadership style”

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